Dentures are a form of cosmetic orthodontics that are used to replace any missing teeth and/or gums you may have. While complete dentures take the place of all your teeth, partial dentures are used when some of your natural teeth are remaining and you only need to replace the missing ones.

Removable partial dentures are a set of replacement teeth attached to gum-colored bases. The replacement teeth appear perfectly natural alongside your remaining teeth, and you’ll soon be smiling confidently again. Dentures also go a long way to allowing you to speak, eat, and drink with ease.

Depending on the type of denture you receive, it may have a metal framework and clips that connect to your natural teeth, or your dental partials may have precision attachments, which are usually a little less conspicuous than the clips. During your initial consultation, Dr. Jose Lopez will explain each type of partial dentures and work with you to help you decide which type is best for your situation. As an experienced provider of partial dentures, Dr. Lopez knows how to achieve the results you want, no matter the current condition of your teeth and gums.

When you first receive your new dentures, it is important to remember that they may feel loose, mildly uncomfortable, or odd in your mouth during the first few weeks as you adjust. However, your tongue and cheek muscles will adapt and help keep your dentures in place. You will also grow more familiar with the process of inserting and removing your dentures. Before long, you’ll sometimes forget that you’re wearing dentures at all!

If you’re ready to learn more about partial dentures or to set up your appointment with Dr. Lopez, please call JL Family & Cosmetic Dentistry! We are ready to help you begin your journey to restoring your smile.

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