Dental Services


At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide an array of dental services in order to best take care of your teeth! We want to make sure that you understand your treatment procedures and know exactly what to expect when you visit.

Whether you’re having a tooth extracted, a crown placed, or if you’re just here for a routine cleaning, rest assured that Dr. Jose Lopez is giving you the best in individualized care.


Two Thumbs UP - Near Pain Free... Just What We've Come to Expect

Teeth driving you crazy? Pain and discomfort associated with teeth can be overwhelming. Whether it's a giant cavity that needs a filling, or an abscess causing extreme pain; Dr. Lopez makes sure your teeth stopped bothering you. The process of getting the cavity filling will be painless because Dr. Lopez always makes sure you're completely numb before doing anything else. If you live in the Boulder area, this is the number one recommended dentist.